Bigi Milano

Bigi Milano

The Bigi shop is an atelier where shopping becomes an engaging, exclusive and personalized experience, guided by the shopping tellers who have made the Bigi brand an international reference point, synonymous with elegance, refinement and attention to details. A wide range of hand-made ties and the possibility of ordering tailor-made products are available to customers. Traditional, classic and refined designs, combined with more casual, modern and attentive suggestions to the latest trends, give life to endless combinations suitable for every type of style and personality.

By appointment only
Major credit cards and debit cards are accepted (American Express currently not supported)



If you have any general or commercial question please contact us:

Address: Viale Gian Galeazzo, 16 – 20136 Milano (Italy)

or you can submit them using the form below and we will reply as soon as possible.