The Story

Back in 1938, Luigi Draghi, maternal grandfather to Paola and Stefano Bigi, transformed his love for style and sophistication into a workshop that manufactured ties. Since then, a passion for good taste and for details has been passed down from generation to generation, giving life to one of the most representative companies in Italy for high-quality ties.Over the years, the company has changed its name, location, size, and strategies, evolving and adapting to the demands of both Italian and foreign markets, and also the demands of its customers, while preserving the high-quality standards and the craftsmanship of its products.After their grandfather and father, it is now Stefano and Paola Bigi who personally carry forward this family tradition with pride and expertise. From the selection of fabrics used in creating the collections, to packaging and marketing, as well. Satisfying the needs of elegant men who see a tie as an accessory that is oftentimes essential, is the goal that the company aims to achieve every day by producing exclusive, high-quality products present in a select number of the best stores in the world.

Luigi Draghi and Daniele Bigi

Luigi Draghi and Daniele Bigi

Maternal grandfather and Father to Stefano and Paola Bigi


Luigi Draghi

Maternal grandfather to Stefano and Paola Bigi, Luigi Draghi was born in Milan in 1904.

In 1938 he, along with several partners, founded Rizzi-Draghi & C. (Erre-di-e-ci), a tie company with headquarters in Via Corridoni.

In 1954, he went on to open his own company – Luigi Draghi – its headquarters in Via Nino Bixio 4, with the intent to continue to produce quality ties, identifying his creations with the brands, Luigi Draghi and Pulcher.


Daniele Bigi

Father to Stefano and Paola Bigi, Daniele Bigi was born in Milan in 1926. After working for years in the family business, in 1976, he founded West Point Manifattura Cravatte Srl, continuing in the footsteps of his father, after he had retired at an elderly age.

In the 1980s, to emphasize its Italian tradition and origin, he introduces the Bigi brand.

Its headquarters was and remain in Milan, in Porta Ticinese.


Stefano e Paola Bigi

Since 1990, Paola and Stefano Bigi, backed by the experience they acquired from their father, enthusiastically manage West Point Manifattura Cravatte Srl.

Stefano and Paola Bigi

Stefano and Paola Bigi

Passion and experience at the service of Ties

Born in 1966, three sisters, two daughters, a Japanese wife, and a great many ties to his name: this is Stefano Bigi, managing director of West Point Manifattura Cravatte Srl since 1997.

He joined the company in 1989, at the age of 23 – after a training experience abroad in a manufacturing company for high-quality fabrics for men’s clothing – and, along with his sister, Paola, manages the family business.

«I still remember the smell of silk in my grandfather’s company when, as a child, I would go play around the worktables… », states Stefano Bigi. «During my professional training period, the experience I gained alongside my father, when I started working in the company, was very important. Being close to all the aspects of the production process and in close contact with the employees, gave me a solid foundation. My father also imparted very important principles to me, such as fairness, morality, respect for others and for work but, above all, a love and passion for ties.»

«In recent years, in order to follow the commercial aspect of the company, I have often had to travel round the world. Ever since I was a boy, I have always loved traveling and learning and, even if they cost a great deal of time and effort, I find them to be stimulating and essential for the job I do. However, the part of my job that gives me the most satisfaction is the one tied to the creation of our collections. Dedicating myself to the study of new color combinations, exquisite fabrics, and original designs is something I truly love.»

After having taken over the company, Stefano and Paola have been committed over twenty years towards making the business by putting passion and experience to the service of ties.

«Ever since my early years, art – in all its forms – has been my partner in life» states Paola Bigi, who finished her studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. «This passion of mine did not escape my father who, having understood my inclination, managed to convince me to see to the family business and, to it, I brought my creativity and my professionalism, trying to fully grasp the examples and teachings of my father. I started working in the company in 1986, alongside our factory workers in the lab, in order to be able to follow all the stages that are involved when creating a tie. I was then responsible for managing relationships with fabric producers and suppliers and, above all, with the very delicate and fascinating phases that occur when selecting and putting together the collections. This is a craft that will never stop fascinating and captivating me, an experience that I continue to appreciate more each day when I see carry our product being created: the result and synthesis, of elegance, passion and hard work.»

A love for this strip of fabric that is cultivated, day after day, putting forward the personal and professional passion of two siblings that were born to breath the essence of sartorial art and of tradition.

However, it is when the door of the small workshop in Viale Gian Galeazzo closes that the greatest inspirations arise among the vertexes so beloved by Stefano and the color that Paola still paints on canvas.